Greetings, and welcome to the personal website of Graham Barker of Perth, Western Australia. The diverse and original content is organised into several main sections, with full details and menus for each section available by clicking on the heading links above. Here is an overview of what's here:

Snow in Western Australia

Snow on Bluff Knoll, WA

Weather fascinates me, particularly the cold and snowy variety. In Western Australia this sort of weather is tantalisingly rare and not well documented, so I created this series of pages on the subject.

It includes information on the occurrence of Mountain Snow and Low-Level Snow in Western Australia, a guide to forecasting WA snow using the internet, and a Snowchasing Guide for visiting snow on the Stirling Range, and some useful links and Weather Calculators.

I've also created a comprehensive record of all known snowfalls in WA, with extra details researched from old newspapers. My own snow seeking trips to the Stirling Range are documented with descriptions and photos.


Misery beach, Torndirrup National Park, WA

Landscape photography is one of my hobbies, and in this section I depict some of the natural beauty of Tasmania and south-west Western Australia, organised by region. There are also photos from Australia's Snowy Mountains in winter, the ski areas of New Zealand, and some portraits of fine cattle grazing in rural Australia.

My 3D photography pages show how to create 3D or stereo photos with your existing camera, and view them without any special equipment. Gallery pages show examples of this under-appreciated branch of photography using photos taken around Australia and USA.


Collecting unusual things is something else I do - what visitors find most amazing is my collection of Navel Fluff! Yes folks, I have the world's biggest collection of one person's navel fluff (lint), which has been certified by Guinness World Records. In this section I reveal my collection of navel lint (with photos), how I started collecting it, some interesting and amusing comments from my online survey of navel fluff (the world's first), and the curious history of my collection and the surprising media interest ... and where its's taken me.

I don't just collect lint - there are also pages featuring my collections of Beard Clippings and Bakery Bags.


For several years I blogged on topics relating to the rest of the website, plus other subjects such as hiking, books, cars, coffee, experiments, hiking, personal matters, politics ... whatever. I no longer add to the blog, but the contents are still here in archived form (with no facility for comments).

Other stuff

This section is for things which don't fit into the above categories. Namely, articles on winter travel, speed cameras, and the fear of God, accounts of some of my notable experiences, and even a bit of toilet humour.

The author on snowshoes near Thredbo, NSW