Graham Barker: The Blog

(archived version, no longer updated)

In 2006 I began writing a blog, and enjoyed writing short pieces on a wide range of topics. However, by 2010 my blog writing had all but dried up - not due to lack of interest, but rather a gradual change of direction.

I had come to realise it was travel-related matters I felt most motivated to write about. The blog had got me in the habit of writing regularly (even if not frequently), and with this writing habit established I began a new website devoted to travel in Australia and New Zealand.

Originally I hoped to keep the blog going while working on the travel website, as well as this one ... but there weren't enough hours in the week. Something had to give, and it was the blog. I've removed the blog entries from Wordpress and archived them into traditional HTML pages here so they can still be seen. There are two approaches to viewing them:

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Start with Page 1 (the newest) and work back to Page 8 (the oldest) in the way blogs are normally presented. Or do it the other way round.

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