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This page shows six 3D stereo pairs taken on a trip to the United States. After appearing on the Tonight Show I headed into the deserts to see some of the landscapes that have caught my attention so often on films and TV. I was captivated by the stark beauty, and fortunately remembered to snap a few 3D pairs.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon, Arizona. The awesomeness of this place can't be adequately captured on film, but 3D at least gives a better feel for its great width.

Monument Valley, Arizona

Monument Valley, Arizona, showing Elephant Butte in a landscape ideal for 3D photography.

Monument Valley, Arizona

Monument Valley, Arizona, from North Window.

Looking towards Monument valley from the north

Looking towards Monument valley from the north, across the Utah border. The allure of a long road disappearing into striking scenery has always aroused my passion for travelling. When I saw this view on a CD cover (Susan Ashton - A Distant Call) I immediately wanted to drive down that road ... and many years later I did.

Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert

Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert east of Baker, California. Ever since the Joshua Tree album by U2, I've fancied visiting the high deserts of California and Nevada where these intriguing trees grow. They were named after the Joshua of the bible by Mormon pioneers - the trees' branches evoked images of Joshua, with upraised arms, waving them on towards the promised land.

The devil's cornfield, Death valley

The devil's cornfield, Death valley, California. Strangely charming ... in a dry, barren, inhospitable sort of way!

The full grandeur of 3D photography is hard to convey via the internet. Monitors limit the resolution, and the necessity of making both photos fit within the width of an average screen limit the size. So these photos just give a taste - real live photos are much better.

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